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Broadband Channel TidalTV Launches

Free streaming-video service TidalTV launched in a beta version.

“With a look and play like TV, TidalTV offers a wide selection of premium, branded shows (i.e., no home videos here) from your favorite networks and enthusiast programming providers,” TidalTV said in a statement. The offerings include clips from NBC News, National Geographic Channel and specials about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

TidalTV is adding new shows every day and inviting users to submit feedback.

"What we love about TV is being able to ask it to entertain, educate and inform us just by sitting down and clicking through channels,” TidalTV chairman and founder Scott Ferber said. “TidalTV wants to provide that same potential online for everyone from the techno-savvy Internet junkie to the novice computer user. We want to deliver the comfort, ease of use and simplicity of TV, while offering all of the control and selection that we are accustomed to on the Web.”

Ferber is the cofounder of Mollie Spilman is TidalTV’s CEO.