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AccuWeather heads to NAB with NewsRider, a PC-based system designed to generate graphics based on maps of a DMA that include individual buildings, streets, intersections and other landmarks. The goal is to give stations an option for aerial-type information without having to invest in or rely on a news chopper. Besides maps of a station's own DMA, the system can also access state, national and international maps with highways, rivers, political boundaries and other information. The server-class PC workstation has dual 2.4-GHz Xeo processors.

New features for Galileo weather-graphics system will also be on display. Among them: severe weather features, improved graphics with CityVision and FutureCloud features, an extended automated Web module, and improved performance.


The Canopus CWS-100 hybrid linear/nonlinear editing workstation was created for offline editing applications like those required for ENG work. It has an integrated jog-and-shuttle control that gives users of RS-422 edit controllers real-time, frame-accurate recording and playback directly from the company's Rextor nonlinear editing software. Rextor includes on-screen timecode and on-screen audio-level meters as well as clip-trimming tools, clip management, real-time transitions, color correction and video filters.


The Headline Media Editor brings timeline-based desktop editing to the Omnibus product line in three versions: Edit 1000, Edit 2000 and Edit 3000. Edit 1000 offers browse-resolution media and is designed for cutting highlights packages or breaking stories (price is $800). Edit 2000 can handle broadcast-resolution content and also has audio-editing features, including mixing and level control ($1,200). And Edit 3000 is designed for field use, adding a DV capture card and simple video effects. Stories are stored as DV files and sent back as file transfers ($1,600). Edit 1000 is available now; the others are slated for the third quarter.

Telecast Fiber

Telecast Fiber will introduce the HD/ POV module for its Viper II lineup. The module supports bi-directional transmission of HD/SDI video and data signals from remote point-of-view cameras.

The rack-mountable module is designed for use in sports and entertainment venues, sends return video/genlock/tri-level sync back to the camera, and handles tally/closure signals and two full duplex control data signals.

Microwave Radio

MRC will offer the Vislink Advent Mantis flyaway system and the Advent NewSwift system. Mantis is designed for applications where a satellite earth station needs to be deployed for transmission and, comprising a dual-band antenna (for both C and Ku needs) and mount, can be carried in two IATA-compliant flight cases. The NewSwift (operating in C, X, Ku, DBS, Ka and extended bands) mount system allows for two upconverters, two HPAs and associated variable-power combiner/switcher assemblies.

Arizona Engineered Products

Arizona Engineered Products' SureShot, a product designed to make it easier for microwave truck operators to position antennas, will be introduced at NAB. The unit displays both aiming and distance information and can store up to 60 receive location coordinates and bounce setups.

SureShot uses a GPS accurate time source and automatically unparks and parks the antenna. It's one rack unit high and also features a pan/tilt sensor and a GPS antenna. Positioning accuracy is within one degree on level ground and three degrees when the vehicle is skewed up to 15 degrees.

DNF Controls

DNF will display its new DAMT-O sports controller at NAB. The unit is designed to generate slow-motion instant replays as well as build and manage highlight playlists. DAMT-0 also allows for simultaneous recording and playback, so it can be used to record interviews and game action even after cutting away to spots. It also has a T-Bar that provides maximum speed control of playback.