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Watch five tennis matches at once

Subscribers of Digital Satellite (BSkyB) TV in Europe can watch five live Wimbledon tennis matches, separately or simultaneously, via the BBC's Omneon Video Area Network and a multiscreen display developed by the BBC's New Media division. According to the BBC, about 1 million people accessed the free service last week on the tournament's first day, believed to the most users of an ITV service to date.

The five feeds are played out directly from an Omneon server and an Omnibus automation system. Incoming feeds from the Wimbledon site are transmitted to the BBC's TV Center in London, where a routing switcher sends the signals to the server.

WorldGate, TechTV team on content

WorldGate, a supplier of interactive TV software for the cable industry, has joined with cable channel TechTV to create specially designed content related to TechTV programming. WorldGate's Channel HyperLinking technology lets subscribers of its Interactive Service easily go from TechTV programming to the TV-optimized interactive Web pages.