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Lin cash flow falls 22%

LIN Television reported a 22% decline in first-quarter broadcast cash flow, to $17.5 million, on a 7% drop in pro forma revenue, to $58 million. The company saw a $20.6 million net loss for the quarter, vs. $24.1 million loss for the year-ago period.


Two TV stations were incorrectly listed among Entravision Communications' holdings in the April 23 listing of the nation's Top 25 TV Groups. KJLA Ventura/Los Angeles and its to-be satellite, KHIZ Barstow/Los Angeles, are not owned by Entravision.

However, they are closely related: They are owned by Entravision Chairman and 10.6% owner Walter F. Ulloa and managed by the brother of Entravision President Philip C. Wilkinson, Francis Wilkinson.

Deleting the two stations drops Entravision from No. 20 on the list to No. 23, with a U.S. TV household coverage of 5.225% (using FCC calculations) and bumps Shop at Home to No. 20, Media General to No. 21 and Emmis Communications to No. 22.

Also, there were some errors in the Entravision contact information. The correct information: 2425 Olympic Blvd., Suite 600 West, Santa Monica, Calif., 90064; phone: 310-447-3870; fax: 310-449-4706.

A source told BROADCASTING & CABLE that UPN is considering a way to expand WWF Smackdown to 90 minutes. A story in the May 7 edition implied that UPN had already made a deal with the WWF to expand the program.