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Duff Coming to CBS

Los Angeles—CBS is developing a sitcom for Hilary Duff, one of the hottest young talents in Hollywood. Duff, 16, came to fame as the star of Disney Channel hit Lizzie McGuire, which later was made into a top-grossing movie. Duff and her representatives terminated her deal with Disney in July 2002 after terms could not be reached for a sequel to The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Chyron Sells Pro-Bel

Melville, N.Y.—Graphics-software and -hardware manufacturer Chyron has sold its Pro-Bel subsidiary to its UK-based management team for $15.6 million before deducting Pro-Bel bank obligations. Chyron expects to net $12.8 million. The sale of Pro-Bel has been rumored for a couple of years because of Chyron's debt load and its failure to find synergy between Chyron's graphics products and Pro-Bel's router, master-control and automation equipment.

D'oh! Fox Reveals Dough

Los Angeles—Fox Cable Networks Group is digging to find out who sent an e-mail last week revealing the salaries of Fox employees, from top brass on down, and may take legal action against the individuals. The e-mail went out to Fox Cable staffers, which includes Fox Sports, FX and National Geographic. A Fox Cable spokesperson would say only, "We can't comment on criminal matters."

Public TV Mulls Early Analog Giveback

Washington—Non-commercial TV stations are considering shutting off their analog channels as early as 2006, well before current law requires. The Association of Public Television Stations said last week it is examining circumstances under which member stations would agree to a "hard date" for ending analog operations. Currently, stations don't have to return analog spectrum to the government until 85% of viewers in their market can receive a digital signal from local stations. The idea, still in its infancy, is contingent on winning digital must-carry rules for cable and satellite TV.