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Bravo sets four new series

Bravo will pit two aspiring filmmakers against each other each week in a new
reality series.

On Underexposed, filmmakers will get three days and $10,000 to shoot
a four-minute film based on the same script, and the winner will move onto a
final-round competition.

The show is one of four new series in development for Bravo.

Another reality show, Ready, Set, Van Gogh, is billed as an extreme-arts

Participants will compete in three off-beat art mediums, like beach sand
sculpture, body art and graffiti.

On But I Played One on TV, three actors will assume the real-life jobs
their characters played on TV.

A panel of judges will award prize money to the most believable, which the
actors will donate to charity.

The fourth show, Rewind, is a celebrity biography show, but Bravo plans
to tell the stories in reverse.

So instead of starting at the beginning of a celebrity’s career, the
storytelling will start at a high point, or low point, and trace back from

Bravo is aiming to have the new series ready for late fall or early