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Bounce TV Bounces 'Cosby'

Bounce TV announced Tuesday it is pulling Bill Cosby's sitcom Cosby from its schedule.

That follows revelations that Bill Cosby had admitted in a 2005 deposition to getting drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with.

"Bounce TV will cease airing the television series Cosby effective immediately," the African-American targeted network said in a statement.

The network has been running the show back-to-back weekdays at 5-6 p.m. It will replace it with Roc starting Tuesday afternoon.

Dozens of women have come forward and accused the comedian of sexual assualt in the past year. 

The View took on the revelation Tuesday, with moderator Whoopi Goldberg reluctant to make a judgment on Cosby's guilt.

“We’ll see what happens. As more information comes out, people can make judgements. I don’t like snap judgements because I’ve had snap judgements made on me, so I’m very very careful," said Goldberg. "Save you texts, save your nasty coments. I don’t care.”

Bounce TV is available to more than 85 million homes in 90 markets reaching 90% of African-American TV homes.