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Bornstein exits ABC

In a tersely worded press release suggesting that he's not leaving voluntarily,
The Walt Disney Co. said ABC Television president Steve Bornstein is leaving his post.

"He plans to pursue other interests," the release said -- usually code for one
being shown the door.

Bornstein is a 22-year Disney/ABC veteran.

He assumed his most recent post about a year ago, replacing Robert Callahan.
ABC's fortunes, which weren't good then, haven't improved much either.

Before that, Bornstein was head of Disney's Internet division, a snake-bit
assignment if there ever was one. He was there just in time for the dot-com

He was president of ABC Inc. before being asked to take on the Internet

That earlier stint as head of ABC was his reward for dramatically increasing
revenues and profits at ESPN, where he was CEO for 10 years.

The release quoted Bornstein as saying, "There are interests I wish to pursue
and now is the appropriate time to do this." The release did not spell out what
those other interests are.