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Blockgraph, TransUnion Team on Data for Addressable Ads

Blockgraph TransUnion

Blockgraph said it plans to work with TransUnion to allow marketers and media companies to use data about consumer identities and behaviors for addressable advertising in a way that protects consumer privacy.

Blockgraph is owned by Comcast NBCUniversal, Charter Communications and ViacomCBS and provides the infrastructure to securely handle data at scale. 

“TransUnion and Blockgraph will enable the TV industry to take a big leap forward towards its convergent future,” said Jason Manningham, CEO of Blockgraph. “By bringing connectivity, efficiency, and transparency to an industry challenged by fragmentation and lack of trust, we are taking addressability and measurement to the next level at a critical inflection point for the TV industry.”

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TransUnion, a credit reporting agency, has moved into the business of providing data on consumers for advertising applications.

“Combining Blockgraph’s privacy-first data infrastructure with TransUnion’s identity solutions means we will be able to deliver on the promise of cross-platform addressability in the rapidly evolving convergent TV ecosystem,” said John Halley, COO, advertising revenue and executive VP, advanced marketing solutions at ViacomCBS. “This new level of implementing data confidentiality controls, combined with cross channel identity resolution, targeting, and measurement is a win for consumers, our advertisers and for the TV industry at large.”