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BIM to Drive NBC's 'Locals Only' Sites

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) is providing the technology for the relaunched NBC-owned station sites, which have launched in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington, Hartford and San Diego.

Bearing the tag ‘Locals Only’, the sites offer a cleaner interface and increased interactivity, along with what BIM President/CEO Timur Yarnall calls “Web 2.0 and open-source capabilities without sacrificing time to market or the cost-savings that go with the ability to make site changes internally.”

BIM utilizes Clickability for hosted content management systems. The NBC O&Os previously relied on Internet Broadcasting (IB) for Web management.

“It’s an exciting model; one that marks what we believe is the future of local media’s digital efforts,” said Yarnall. “Stations want flexibility and control over their Web sites using open-source based systems without having to build systems internally.”

Madison-based BIM is the creator of the YouNews Web program, which helps users post video and photos to station sites, and a syndicated show bearing the same name.   

NBC Local Integrated Media Senior VP Brian Buchwald said the BIM setup lets station staffers make changes to the sites quickly and inexpensively.

“With Broadcast Interactive Media and Clickability as our technology partners, we were able to bring the solution essentially in-house while still using an external content-management system,” Buchwald said. “NBC developers can now integrate solutions at the station and corporate level quickly, easily, and with the most cost-effective process."