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Bill Moyers to host new show

PBS, NPR and veteran newsman Bill Moyers are teaming on a weekly show for
public TV.

Now with Bill Moyers will be produced out of noncommercial WNET-TV New York
by Moyers' Public Affairs Television production company.

The show, which launches, Jan. 18 at 9 p.m., will be a mix of reporting,
commentary and interviews and will tap the resources of NPR correspondents as it
tries, in Moyers' words, to "identify and report stories that embrace viewpoints
that get past the official position and prevailing consensus that so often
dominates news coverage."

The show sprang, in part, from the positive feedback PBS got to post-Sept. 11
specials Moyers did for it, according to PBS President Pat Mitchell. 'I knew it
was important for PBS to offer a regular, weekly forum for the discussion of
important ideas and issues and that Bill is the person to lead such a renewed
commitment to public affairs in prime time on PBS,' she said.

Moyers will serve as anchor and executive editor.