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Bigger is better, says Comcast's Roberts

Comcast Corp. president Brian Roberts was in Washington, D.C., Monday, as his
company undergoes regulatory scrutiny over its planned acquisition of AT&T

In a speech to telecommunications lawyers, he laid out some ambitious plans
for what would put him atop the country's largest cable MSO if the deal wins
regulatory approval.

Bolstered by the market strength of the merged companies, he said
Comcast/AT&T would be in a better position to roll out new services such as
video-on-demand, high-definition television and home networking.

In addition to traditional pay-per-view sports programming, Comcast aims to
start a subscription service that will allow customers access to a season's
worth of a program's episodes on-demand. 'This will give you access to every
episode anytime you want,' Roberts told the federal communications bar.

Roberts said every cable and broadcast network will be offered server space
for 750 hours of programming they choose. 'We think making television more
convenient and more fun is going to be a win-win proposition for everyone,' he

HDTV will become a staple not only for Comcast systems, but also for the
company's regional sports networks, he added.

Finally, beefing up home-networking capabilities will give customers more
options for phone and broadband Internet service, he said.