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Big-market TV fees up

Large-market TV stations will see their regulatory fees rise between 18%-24%
from 2002, the Federal Communications Commission announced Friday.

VHF stations in markets 1-10 will pay $57,650, up 23% from last year’s
$47,050. VHF stations in markets 11-25 will pay $43,225, up 18% from $34,700. In
the same markets, respectively, UHF stations will pay $15,850, up 24%, and
$12,875, up 20%.

Cable systems are expected to generate total revenue of $44.6 million on fees
of 66 cents per subscriber. The 2002 fee was 53 cents per subscriber.

For FCC licensees in all industries, the agency aims to collect $269 million
from regulatory fees, up 23% from $219 million in 2002.

Regulatory fees were ordered by Congress in 1994 to cover the costs of
overseeing industry and managing spectrum.