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Big Four Commit to Ad IDs

The Big Four networks are all "fully compliant" with the AD-ID code system for tracking ad effectiveness across a variety of media platforms.

That is according to both the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, which said it had received letters of compliance from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. The groups waited for confirmations from all four networks before making an announcement.

The ad associations called the compliance a "milestone" in a two-year-old effort to standardize the coding process and help advertisers get a better handle on how much bang they are getting for their buck.

The two associations teamed up to create the 12-digit ID system, with more than 100 advertisers and a number of cable networks already signed on.

Network compliance essentially amounts to saying yes to the code, then making some technical modifications to their computer systems to accept the code.

Historically agencies and advertisers have been using various codes, like the early railroads that used incompatible gauge rails. ANA/AAAA is hoping to get everyone on the same track.

The ID is like a UPC code for TV, radio, online and print advertisements and will help track the ads from delivery through billing.