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BIA/Kelsey: Local TV Revenue $20.8 Billion in 2012

Local TV stations generated $20.8 billion in revenues in
2012, up 13.2% over 2011, according to a new report from BIA/Kelsey. And more
stations were sold in 2012, though for a lower average price.

Most of that came from advertising, according to the
company, and most of that advertising was on-air, local and national spot, with
some from online.

Not surprisingly, political spending in the 2012 race was
the driving force behind that gain, though the company did not break out that

On the station sales front, according to the report, 97
stations sold in 2012 for a combined $1.9 billion, almost twice the 50 stations
from the year before, although the average price decreased by 11.3% (a combined
$1.1 billion for the 50 stations).

BIA/Kelsey attributes the figure to the FCC
incentive auctions, with groups picking up more, lower-revenue stations in
anticipation of giving up the spectrum for a piece of the auction proceeds.