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Betting on Katie

CBS isn’t the only one who gambled on Katie Couric’s shift to the evening news. Scores of bettors wagered on how Couric would fare opening night.

As was reported in the July 10 issue of B&C, Toronto oddsmaker drew the over/under line at 8.4 million viewers (the number that tuned in for her Today farewell), and fully 13.59 million viewers watched last Tuesday. Those who put $1,000 on Couric scoring more than 8.4 million viewers when the bet began walked away with a cool $1,500. (Payoffs decreased as more and more "punters" bet the over.)

A spokesperson for Sportsbook says a "predominant" majority showed Katie the love and bet the over. While the spokesperson doesn’t envision any other Couric-related wagers for the foreseeable future, Sportsbook is taking action on reality-show winners.

Professional C-lister Mario Lopez is the 3-1 favorite to win the next edition of Dancing With the Stars (bow-tied hoofer Tucker Carlson is a longshot at 18-1), while Toby Rand is even-steven to snare Rock Star Supernova honors.

Sportsbook is also making book on Survivor, with even odds on whether the winner is male or female. Unlike the program, the oddsmaker didn’t see fit to separate Survivor contestants by race.