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Best of the BnC Blogs

Station to Station: Fox Social Network Prepares to Launch

July 26, 2007

A social-networking project covering topics such as high school athletics and music should be launching on WFLD Chicago in the coming weeks, station veep Andrew Finlayson confirms, then follow on nine other Fox O&Os.

An effort to get young people invested in local news, the project is titled FoxHilites. Users will be encouraged to share video on the site.—Michael Malone

New Vision’s New Deal

July 24, 2007

New Vision Television has agreed to acquire KOIN Portland, Ore.; KHON Honolulu; KSN Wichita, Kan.; and KSNT Topeka, Kan., along with the CW affiliates in Honolulu and Topeka, from Montecito Broadcast Group. Chairman/CEO Jason Elkin says the acquisition offers the company diversity, in terms of both geography and affiliation. “We were very much East Coast and Midwest, and now we’re all over the country,” he says. “And in terms of affiliations, we’ve got everything but Telemundo.”—Michael Malone

BC/DC: Penalty Flag

July 25, 2007

The NFL says it won’t reconsider, or at least isn’t at the moment, the decision to limit TV stations’ online use of team press conferences to 45 seconds within the first 24 hours after the event.

That means stations, whose online news extensions are increasingly important, will have their Web news coverage micromanaged by those making the news. Not sure that is the best image for big-time sports leagues, whose troubled stars’ bubblegum-card pictures may soon have to carry the logo in the corner.

The league was less definitive on but still defending its decision to require still photographers on the sidelines to wear vests branded with the Canon logo, one of the league’s sponsors. There was some dispute over whether there was also a Reebok logo on the vests. Not that it really matters. One corporate plug foisted on journalists is a sufficient ding to their professional pride.—John Eggerton