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Benson, Provencio to take over ABC promos

ABC veterans Mike Benson and Marla Provencio will share the network's top
marketing and promotion job, which has been open since Steve Sohmer departed
last March.

Titles for the two are still to be determined, an ABC spokesman said, because
their deals are not completed.

It's also unclear how they will share the job.

Benson has been at ABC since 1998, and is senior vice president of marketing,
advertising and promotion at ABC Entertainment.

Provencio has been at ABC for 23 years, starting in the ABC promotion
department in 1979.

Most recently, she was vice president, overseeing all of ABC's on-air promos for drama and long-form programming.

Out in the shuffle are Geoff Calnan and Paul Wang, who came in with Sohmer
and have been expected to depart ABC since he left.