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Benjamin Gets Bipartisan Shout-Out At FCC meeting

FCC Scholar in Residence Stuart Benjamin got a shout out from both sides of the FCC aisle.

No mention was made of the heat Benjamin has taken from some broadcasters and at least one legislator over his provocative essay suggesting heavily regulating broadcasters might hasten their demise and ease the reclamation of their spectrum for broadband. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski welcomed him to the commission during its open meeting Wednesday, praising him as someone who had literally written the book on telecom policy and said he was "glad he has chosen to join us."

Benjamin, a Duke law professor, also got a shout-out from Duke grad Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell, who singled out Benjamin for praise following Genachowski's introduction of several new staffers.

He said one of the "early hallmarks" of the Genachowski commission was his ability to attract "some highly credentialed and qualified people to come here who have a great fervor for public service and a terrific attitude."

He said Benjamin was no exception, and went beyond to say that he was no expressing extra enthusiasm for his arrival just because he was from Duke, but because "he is a terrific pick for the very first scholar in residence at the FCC." He said he could not think of a better person