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Beachfront Expands Deal With White Ops to Combat Ad Fraud

Video monetization company Beachfront said it is expanding its relationship with White Ops, which verifies viewing of ads by humans, to make the connected TV inventory more fraud-free.

With the growth of cord-cutting, more viewers are watching over-the-top via connected devices. Working with White Ops, Beachfront is looking to provide marketers assurances that the advertising they buy won’t face the kind of bot and other invalid traffic issues that have become a problem online.

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“Cord cutting and improved content discovery on connected TVs has led to rapid growth of mid-tail and long-tail content,” said William Jennings, CEO at Beachfront. “Especially since CTV ads are so reliable -- with upwards of 97% completion rates -- it’s extremely important we remain closely partnered with fraud-fighting industry leaders like White Ops as we relentlessly keep our promise ensure clean, brand-safe inventory across the CTV and digital video ecosystem.” 

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White Ops is a cybersecurity company that protects businesses from automated threats: actions like ad fraud, account takeovers and fake engagement conducted by malicious bots. It also works with companies including Adobe, The Trade Desk and Oath.

“Video is very cross-screen oriented -- and increasingly, we’re seeing audience-based buys across mobile, desktop and connected TVs,” added Beachfront founder and chief product officer Frank Sinton. “It’s important to provide trust and comfort to media buyers who are making bets against niche segments of people consuming content from mid-tail and long-tail publishers.”