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Re: “NFL Network Blasts Cablers Yet Again”

[Story about the NFL Network's complaints that some cable systems don't offer the network or, like Comcast, offer it on a premium tier.]

Michael Paul on 11/12/2008:

“Large cable companies discriminate against networks like NFL Network?” Seriously? Does [the NFL] really believe they are the mom-and-pop business battling Wal-Mart to carry their product? They are either morons or think we're morons. Yes, the poor NFL, being discriminated against for so long. How will they survive? Thanks, NFL, for making me feel bad for Comcast.

B.M. Maston on 11/11/2008:

I wish I owned a business where I could make people who never walk through my door pay me $5 a month. That is what the NFL Network wants. The idea is that these high-fliers realize that, given a choice, people will not pay them unless the usual rules of supply and demand are suspended.

Re: “The CW Dumps MRC Sunday Nights”

[The CW yanked its Sunday schedule away from program provider MRC and said it would use some of the time to show reruns of failed CBS sci-fi drama Jericho.]

Chris on 11/21/2008:

CW, you are making the right move by putting Jericho up. Just don't make the same mistake CBS did: Market the reruns. Run ads about what the show is about, to get new fans. I have been a die-hard fan of Jericho since day one. Everyone that I have gotten to sit down and watch one episode has become a fan.