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B&C Online Readers Fire Back

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Re: “Sean Hannity Talks Life Without Colmes”

[Alan Colmes, the liberal half of Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, announced he was leaving the show at the end of the year, and Hannity talked about how much he'll miss him.]

John Hayes Corcoran on Dec. 15: Sean gives the Irish a bad name (I am Irish-American), and he is not a great American. He is a propaganda idiot, folks. Yes, the conservative Michael Moore.

Shereeta Johnson, Surprise, Ariz.. on Dec 14: I love Hannity. Note that the liberals who usually post comments are hate-filled, crude and vulgar.

Sid Rose, Connecticut, on Dec. 14: Listening to Hannity's rant against global warming the other day, it dawned on me that his problem is not his politics, it's his moronic stupidity. Maybe this is going out of fashion these days.

Patricia L. Rich-Tepe, Maineville, Ohio, on Dec. 14: The balance of the Hannity/Colmes show made it interesting. I like hearing the opinions of both sides. However, I found Alan to be rather abrasive at times. Hopefully, future liberal hosts can discuss things without looking down their nose at the other side. I have always found conservatives much more willing to discuss items in an intelligent, open-minded way.

Dave Secrest, Staten Island, N.Y., on Dec. 13: Sean Hannity is the biggest fraud in the “news” business, a completely dishonest and intellectually vacuous little turd of a man. A joke, whose only redeeming quality is that his titanic, inflated ego pales in comparison to the humongous overblown ego of that facade of a human being, Bill-O the Clown, who apparently thinks that the sun, moon and Earth revolve around his pathetically under-nourished and uneducated excuse for a brain. Sean Hannity: a “Great American?” That's what he says. Here's to the hope that your ever-dwindling league of moronic sycophants slowly awakens from the coma that precludes them reaching the elusive, cognitive state of actual independent, rational thought.

Re: “Comcast: Give the Gift of HD”

[Comcast is promoting a gift card that friends or loved ones can use toward receiving high-definition TV service. “Holiday shoppers remember…HDTVs aren't HD unless you get HD service,” said a Comcast spokesman. A reader, below, took issue.]

“Adam Smith” on Dec 16: That's a lie! And cable's been pushing it in its ads. “HDTVs aren't HD unless you get HD service”? Tell that to the millions of HDTV owners who bought a $30 Radio Shack UHF roof antenna (or even a $20 set of rabbit ears in strong signal areas) and are enjoying free broadcast HDTV. A simple A/B switch and an antenna could give cable subs expanded basic cable analog service and free broadcast HD—but cable's advertising has many technically unsophisticated subs believing they have to buy cable HD service to get any HD at all. This is a purposeful deception that's been perpetrated on the public, and the FCC or the Federal Trade Commission should cite MSOs for false advertising when they mislead the public.

Re: “Cox's Fisher Closes a Chapter”

[The president of Cox Television is retiring at the end of the year.]

Greg Miller of Kovsky & Miller Research on Dec. 16: Andy is one of those rare leaders in the broadcast industry who understands that goals are accomplished by paying attention to details.

Re: “ABC Gets Interview With Dick Cheney”

[ABC's Jonathan Karl's interview with the vice president aired on Dec. 15.]

Barbara Blades, Evanston, Ill., on Dec 16: I am appalled by both Cheney's and Bush's indifference to the havoc wreaked upon Iraqis and American soldiers, not to mention the anguish of Americans who saw the war as unnecessary in the “war on terror.” When lack of weapons of mass destruction was brought up in interviews with Cheney and Bush, both responded with, “So?” and “So what?”

Re: “CNN Gets New Graphics Look”

[CNN on Dec 15 changed its on-air graphics, modified the news ticker and made other changes. Here's what some of our online readers thought.]

Paul M. on Dec. 15: This new look is a huge improvement from the last lower-thirds and ticker they had. I give credit to CNN for finally getting rid of their old set. I hope to see new on-air show graphics that will flow better with these. The CNN logo and live box is OK, but I think it is redundant to have another box off of that showing the name of each show; we know what we are watching and it can become distracting with the animation loop over time.

But overall, this is such an improvement. I'm glad they finally caught up with CNN International's simplicity. It's the new era of broadcast design these days. Obviously some of these other people who commented [on the Website] have no idea about design in general. They like the “puff paint and sparkle” graphics that are hideous, and terribly designed. Oh well.

Ricardo, New York, on Dec 15: It's all right. The thing on the right side of the screen is cool; the “live” bug is very simple and boring. I miss the little light that goes across the CNN logo.

The functionality of the widget on the right is great, but I think they dropped the ball on the actual design of the white. I would have used a better white. Seriously, there are so many different variations of white that I am very disappointed on the white that they chose.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to now watch Fox News Channel to get my information. Especially since they have a green logo now. Seriously, who can say no to a green logo? It's so environmentally friendly.

Kyle W., Philadelphia, on Dec. 15: I truly don't like this new look. CNN had a good workflow going as far as on-screen graphics for the past few years. I am sick and tired of things having to be dumbed down just so it's easier for the general public to “digest.”

Kristina Roberts, Atlanta, on Dec 15: I love it.! Looks fantastic! Very modern and easy to read. CNN has the most brilliant graphics; can't wait to see what they do next.