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Peter Schiff Told Us So…Many, Many Times

When it comes to predicting the current economic crisis, Peter Schiff has a pretty solid claim on the last laugh—that is, if there were anything to laugh about.

Schiff, head of the brokerage firm Euro Pacific Capital, has lately emerged as the Cassandra of the business-news networks, where he repeatedly warned of the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the ensuing credit crunch at least as early as August 2006.

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Maria Is a Punk Rocker

Among several biographical details that CNBC's Maria Bartiromo shares in the network's new "I am CNBC" ad campaign (see cover story on p. 12)—such as the fact that she plays the accordion—one in particular requires some explanation.

When Bartiromo says, "I'm the subject of a pop song," some may recall that she inspired punk legend Joey Ramone to write a song about her.

Click here to watch video of Bartiromo discussing her friendship with Ramone, as well as a clip of Ramone performing "Maria Bartiromo."