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Baseball sports seek to connect with fans

Major League Baseball's promotional campaign to plug the new season tries to tout an emotional link to the game with the theme Connect With It, The New York Times reports.

The multimedia campaign from FCB Worldwide aims at avid and marginal baseball fans alike, with an initial 60-second spot featuring images of stars from years past, including Jackie Robinson and Joe DiMaggio, interspersed with shots of contemporary superheroes such as Mark McGwire and mugs of common fans from different demographic groups. The word "connect" is superimposed over the images, combined with other phrases, including "with a hanging curve" and "with a hero."

No word on how MLB will spend airing the spot on the Fox networks, ESPN and TBS. FCB will reportedly handle $20 million to $30 million in MLB billings this year. A 30-second version of the spot is available to the respective teams, with 18 of the 30 ballclubs requesting it so far.