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Barrington Revenue Up 19%

Barrington Broadcasting Group reported third quarter net revenue of $28.8 million, a 19.1% increase over the same quarter last year. The increase was primarily due to $3.7 million in political advertising and a 10.7% increase in national revenues. Local revenues increased a more modest 3.2% to $17.7 million.

Gross revenues at Barrington were $33.8 million, 20.1% better than the same quarter last year.

"We were pleased with strong political revenue and the continued improvement in core sales," said Barrington Broadcasting CEO K. James Yager. "To maintain strong revenue and broadcast cash flow growth, we continue to be focused on three areas: re-engineering of our station-level operations, development of direct local sales strategies, and the growth of the stations' local digital platforms."

Barrington is owned by the private investment firm Pilot Group. It owns, operates or supports 24 affiliated stations.