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Ball State Study: Primetime Expands to Fill Wealth of Screens

Attention NBC and ABC and everyone else increasingly streaming their TV shows on the Web: Primetime for the valuable teen-age audience isn't 8 p.m.-11 p.m.; it's from the minute they get home from school to when they hit the sack.

That's according to a new study from Ball State University, "High School Media Too: A School Day in the Lives of Fifteen Teenagers."

Taking a page from its Middletown Media Studies, Ball State's Center for Media Design tracked the media usage of 15 teens for one day.

Conceding that such a small sample can't be extrapolated to an entire population, Ball State researchers said the intriguing patterns could get further study in a bigger sample.

"The dominance of screen-based media, as compared to types among this group when out of school, stands in stark contrast to both overall levels of media use and the presence of print during the school day," said the study. Screen-based primetime starts immediately after school and carries on until bedtime."

It also noted some before-school screen time.