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The current growth of Hispanic television and radio stations, and the continued growth of black-oriented radio, recalls that, in the mid- '30s, the migration of Europeans to the United States was causing a similar demographic upheaval in the nation's biggest cities.

In the Dec. 1, 1937, edition of BROADCASTING, an ad by a group of Chicago radio stations noted that, in planning an ad strategy for a big car show in the Windy City, executives checked data on who had bought cars recently, and "we were struck with the amazing fact that the PREPONDERANCE HAD NAMES DIFFICULT TO PRONOUNCE! We had the idea instantly-
the facts were clear that a great percentage of motor car sales in Chicagoland were made to foreign-born persons or persons of foreign parentage!"

The ad noted that two of three Chicagoans were either foreign-born or first-generation Americans.