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BackChannelMedia Rebrands to BCM

Similar to the former Game Show Network and Arts & Entertainment Network, the TV tech outfit BackChannelMedia is putting its initials center stage in a rebrand. Makers of interactive software known as Clickable TV, BackChannelMedia is now calling itself BCM. 

"We are thrilled to be opening the door on BCM as we further cement our organization as a leader in providing enhanced television solutions," said Daniel Hassan, Chairman and CEO of BCM. "Clickable TV has introduced a working business model for interactive TV by connecting viewers directly with the programming, brands and advertisers that they are interested in, according to their own preferences. After a successful launch in Montgomery, Alabama, we look forward to expanding to new markets and introducing new interactive TV products and services in 2011."

As Hassan notes, BCM launched Clickable TV in conjunction with the cable operator Knology on WSFA and WCOV in Montgomery earlier this year. The software enables viewers to click with their remotes for more information on a product or program.