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‘Bachelorette' Ali Debuts on KSWB

Ali Fedotowsky, better known as the previously single lady who starred in the most recent edition of The Bachelorette on ABC, made her debut on KSWB San Diego yesterday. Fedotowsky is doing around three correspondent segments a week for KSWB's morning program.

KSWB is a Tribune-owned Fox affiliate.

News Director Rich Goldner said the station reached out to Fedotowsky when she relocated to San Diego with her new beau. "It's a day to day thing, but hopefully it'll grow to something bigger," he said.

Fedotowsky is a social networking veteran, having worked at Facebook before becoming a reality TV star. She's been using Twitter to promote her new job to her almost 50,000 Twitter followers.

"I had so much fun with the @fox5sandiego news team today!" she tweeted yesterday morning. "You stay classy San Diego. I'm Ali Fedotowsky? Ha ha! I couldn't help myself ;)"

Fedotowsky suggested she'd be covering topics such as fashion and relationships on KSWB. Late last week, she shed a little light on what prompted her to work in local television: "Love being involved with the community this way :)," she tweeted.

Goldner said Fedotowsky's on-air charm and established name--not to mention enormous social networking presence--all figured into KSWB making a play for her. "When you have people like that available to you in the market," he said, "you definitely want to reach out to them."