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Ax Swings at CAB

Friday was an unhappy day at the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB). The New York-based trade group swung the ax, letting five employees go. That may sound like only a handful, but it represents about a quarter of the staff. Those leaving include a longtime member-services staffer who had been with the group  for 23 years.

The move is part of President Sean Cunningham’s attempt to reshape the CAB, deemphasizing its traditional mission of supporting cable networks as they chase national advertisers to focus on helping cable systems woo local and regional advertisers.

Cunningham plans to dedicate the freed-up payroll to hiring sales reps who will make more presentations to ad agencies about local cable.
Reached on Friday, Cunningham called the layoffs part of the group’s “evolution,” from an informational operation providing indirect support to networks and systems “to more of an advocacy and sales company.”