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Auerbach Upped at TVB

Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) Executive VP Abby
Auerbach has added chief marketing officer to her title.

She joined the trade association in June 2000 as senior VP
of marketing and was promoted to executive VP in September 2000. She has helped
shape TVB's initiative to revitalize spot planning around geographic targeting.
Auerbach also led TVB's effort to speed electronic connections between
agencies, sales rep firms and stations, which resulted in the launch of TVB
ePort in December 2007.

"I'm convinced we need a smart, creative and organized CMO
to oversee the evolution of TVB into a more externally focused, ‘selling'
organization," said TVB President Steve Lanzano.  "It is very clear to me
that Abby is the perfect fit for that job. She is hard-working, well-respected
both internally and externally, and is an excellent team leader and manager."