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AT&T Still Allowed To Air Univision Stations, For Now

A spokesperson for AT&T confirmed that Univision TV stations remained on U-Verse.

Univision and AT&T agreed to provide the extra post-debate access—Univision broadcast the Democratic debate from Miami.

While Univision asked AT&T for the extra 24-hour window—the debate ended at 11 p.m. ET on March 9—as a show of good faith as they continue to try to hammer out an agreement—Univision stations and networks have been off U-Verse since March 4—the spokesperson said Univision networks remained dark on U-Verse.

AT&T had asked that U-Verse be allowed to carry those networks, as well as stations, for that 24 hours and beyond as they continued to try to hammer out a deal.

The AT&T spokesperson would not comment on whether the two sides were actively negotiating but said that the expectation now was that the TV stations would have to come down after the 24 hours was up.