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AT&T Bucks Top Upton, Dingell Contributions

With network neutrality, telco video, and a rewrite of the Communications Act on Washington's agenda, it should probably come as no surprise that AT&T shows up as the top contributor to the 2006 campaigns of a couple of top house Telecommunications Subcommittee members, with other communications companies well-represented.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, AT&T's PAC contributions combined with those of individual executives or employees and family members, top the list of contributors to House Telecommunications Subcommittee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) at $12,000.

But telcos are not the only interested parties. Comcast is at #3 with $10,000, tied with the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, followed by the National Association of Broadcastsers at $9,250.

AT&T also tops the list for ranking minority member John Dingell D-Mich. at $10,000. Disney is 10th at $5,000. No other media companies or associations make the top 20 list of contributors.

AT&T comes in fourth with Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton (R-Tex.), though, at $10,000. Comcast is tops with $25,000, with NCTA ($10,000) and NAB ($9,000) at sixth and 17th places, respectively.

Over on the Senate Side, Stevens' top contributor for 2006 was News Corp. at $43,250, with AT&T third at $26,000; Disney fifth at $19,000; GE tied with Sprint at 11th with $14,500; Sony 13th at $14,000; and the NAB 15th at $13,000, tied with Time Warner.

The figures are from Federal Elections Commission filings as of Jan. 23, 2006, according to the Center's Web site.