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ATSC Report: Make DTV signals stronger

Making DTV signals stronger is the key to better indoor reception, concludes a report issued Monday by the Advanced Television Systems Committee.

For viewers to receive adequate indoor reception, TV stations must boost the power of single transmitters or build on channel repeaters in their coverage areas, the ATSC report said. For conventional TV reception with rabbit ear and other indoor antennas, a handful of repeaters scattered through a station's market would be sufficient, ATSC officials said. For mobile services, stations may have to create a cellular-style network of numerous transmitters. Mobile applications also would probably require enhancements to the ATSC system.

ATSC also announced that 10 companies have proposed mobile enhancements to the system. The companies are ADC Telecommunications, Broadcom, Conexant Infotainment Systems, Merrill Weiss Group, Patel-Limberg-McDonald, NxtWave Communications, Oren Semiconductor, Philips, Sarnoff Corporation, and Zenith Electronics.

The report comes one week after the FCC said receivers for the current 8-VSB modulation technology are improving, despite warnings from critics who say it is inadequate for indoor and mobile reception. - Bill McConnell