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Atlanta CBS and Univision Stations to Share News

WGCL, the Meredith-owned CBS affiliate in Atlanta, and WUVG, the market’s Univision O&O, have created a news sharing partnership in hopes of expanding their multicultural reach.

“With the dramatic growth of the Hispanic population in the greater Atlanta area and the quality journalism being produced by Univision, the partnership extends our coverage deeper into this important community that Univision News understands and covers daily,” said WGCL VP and general manager Mark Pimentel.

The partnership will involve sharing daily content covering the breadth of local, regional and national news, the groups said.

Eddy Elguezabal, Univision Atlanta’s VP and general manager, said the stations are joining forces “at a time when the unity of our communities is more important than ever.

“The collaboration recognizes the truly multicultural nature of our city and the growing impact that Hispanics have on our local culture, economy and politics in Georgia and the U.S. as a whole. This partnership is a testament to Univision Atlanta’s and (WGCL’s) shared dedication and commitment to serving our communities.”