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ARF Launches Program to Certify Ad Research

The Advertising Research Foundation said it has established a new Research Quality Certification Program designed to increase the amount of trust advertisers have in data about their ad campaigns.

In order to be certified, data from studies must be made available for public review and analysis in order to ensure transparency, the ARF said.

The first organization to have a study certified is the Mobile Marketing Association, which presented a study on cognition neuroscience earlier this year at an ARF conference.

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“Our Research Quality Certification program is central to the ARF’s mission to improve the practice of advertising, marketing, and media research through objective research-based insights. There is no better way to generate such insights and achieve industry leadership than through research that addresses gaps in our knowledge with scientific rigor and transparency,” said Paul Donato, chief research officer for the ARF.

Certification is available to ARF members.

The program differs from accreditation in that it is not intended for syndicated currency-related research.