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Arbitron portable meter results in

Arbitron disclosed results of its portable people meter (PPM) test in Wilmington, Delaware, comparing PPM results with Arbitron's Wilmington metro radio report for spring 2001 and for TV and cable, Nielsen's May 2001 rating book for the Philadelphia DMA.

The company said that the PPM reported higher usage throughout most of the day for TV and cable. For radio, the PPM reported lower levels of usage during morning drive time and higher levels of usage during the weekend and overnight hours. Marshall Snyder, who heads up Arbitron's PPM development effort, said he was encouraged by the initial results and that the testing would be expanded to include the entire Philadelphia market, starting some time early next year.

The Wilmington test included 260 PPM users who carried their meters with them an average of 15 hours a day. Kids 6 to 11 participating in the sample carried the PPM around with them an average of 13-plus hours a day, which Marshall said was also very encouraging.

Nielsen worked with Arbitron during the Wilmington test and the two ratings firms said they would continue their collaboration for the next test phase.
- Steve McClellan