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The Apprentice Yahoos

Yahoo! Inc. is teaming up with Mark Burnett productions on an official Web site for seasons two and three of NBC's The Apprentice, as well as some future Burnett reality offerings to be named later.

Yahoo wouldn't say how much it paid for the privilege, but a spokeswoman said it has sold out the second season site to advertisers that include Staples and Sony. It has not yet begun to sell ads for season three.

The site,, which went live Thursday, will feature 40 minutes of exclusive video--not aired on NBC--per week, 20 minutes available Friday morning (the NBC broadcast is Thursday night) and another 20 on Monday. It is withholding the second 20 because it has found it gets a spike of streaming video accesses on Mondays.

Burnett has retained the Internet rights to the shows, but NBC will continue to be able to feature promotional material and footage on its own Web site. It has also agreed to promote the Yahoo site--Yahoo advertises in the show--at the end of each episode.