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AP Won't Cover Fox Tour

A Fox source confirms that the Associated Press has told the news service it would not send reporters to cover the company's press tour events, including cable network's FX presentation Wednesday, and potentially the Fox network's presentation.

AP's beef was with Fox's decision to provide news outlets with photography rather than allow AP or other outside photographers to cover the sessions, in which executives and stars tout new shows to TV critics. One Fox exec was apparently unhappy with an outside photographer, the outlet was unclear, that slipped in during the FX presentation.

"AP has made that determination based on conversations regarding photo issues," said the source. "We are providing photography." Fox had no official comment on the flap.

"Unless Fox allows it to send photographers," confirms AP, "[we] will not assign any print journalists to cover Fox's events."

"Fox wants to make sure the images from their publicity event are flattering to the network by controlling the content and distribution of the pictures," said AP deputy director of photography David Ake in an AP story on the issue. "The problem for the AP is that, just as we wouldn't let Fox write our stories, we can't have them shooting our pictures."