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AOLs key exec lineup

The conglomerate soon to be known as AOL Time Warner officially named its key executives Thursday, with Bob Pittman assuming much of the power.

As expected, Time Warner Chairman Gerald Levin will be chief executive officer, while AOL head Steve Case will be chairman. Bob Pittman, president of AOL, and Richard Parsons, president of Time Warner, will be co-chief operating officers.

Barry Schuler, president of America Online interactive services will be chairman and CEO of America Online Inc. He'll report to Pittman, as will Time Warner Cable Chairman Joe Collins, HBO Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes, Turner Broadcasting Systems Chairman Terry McGurk and WB Television Network Chairman and CEO Jamie Kellner. Also reporting to Pittman will be David Colburn, president of AOL business affairs, who will become president of business development for subscription services, advertising and commerce for the combined company.

Michael Kelly, chief financial officer for America Online, will become CFO for Time Warner. AOL's Kenneth Novack will be vice chairman of AOL Time Warner, and William Raduchel will be chief technology officer. Both will report to Case. Time Warner Vice Chairman Ted Turner will retain that post after completion of the merger but not much power in the infrastructure.

AOL Time Warner's executive committee will be chaired by Case and Levin and include Parsons, Pittman, Novak, Kelly, Raduchel and Turner, among others.