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AOL Time Warner ties into AOL e-mail

Everyone at AOL Time Warner may not be on the same page, but they'll all be on the same e-mail service soon - AOL e-mail, that is.

All 86,000 employees of AOL Time Warner have been notified of the new e-mail marching orders. The entire company will make the switch to the America Online e-mail service over the next three months, according to an AOL spokeswoman. AOL Time Warner's corporate headquarters and its Time Inc. division have begun making the switch in what is a unit-by-unit transition to AOL e-mail.

Meanwhile, the company has integrated all of its Web sites -, and Warner Bros. Online - into the same network infrastructure for cost efficiencies. These sites have started using a common toolbar that links to and features links to AOL Instant Messenger and Netscape's free e-mail. - Richard Tedesco