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Aol pledges

AOL last week assured the FCC that its interactive-TV service will be open to all video programmers. "AOLTV offers an open platform for all video providers to deliver exciting and new interactive forms of content that can enhance the television experience for viewers and content providers alike," reads a letter from Steven Teplitz, AOL's senior director of telecommunications policy.

The only way AOL customers would be kept within AOL's service, Teplitz says, is when an AOLTV subscriber goes to an AOL content partner within AOL's online community. "AOLTV agreements generally prohibit content providers from promoting AOL competitors within the content partners' customized AOLTV interactive content," Teplitz writes. The FCC is reviewing AOL's planned purchase of Time Warner and has voiced concerns that AOL would use its interactive-TV platform to keep out non-AOL-affiliated content providers.