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AOL making big e-commerce push

America Online signaled an aggressive push online Wednesday with a filing that it has set up 10 business-to-business exchanges and was committing millions of dollars to get more firms involved in e-commerce, Reuters reports.

AOL said the joint effort with software partner PurchasePro Inc. was part of its initiative to bring small business together to buy and sell goods over the Web. AOL said it was putting 200 of its sales staff into the effort.

AOL and PurchasePro said 10 companies, including Hewlett-Packard Co. HWP.N , HOMS.O and Spherion Corp. SFN.N , had licensed PurchasePro's business-to-business online exchange software to set up private marketplaces that would link to AOL's own exchange, Netbusiness Marketplace, for the mass buying and selling of goods.