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AOL broadband comes to Big Apple

Time Warner Cable is bringing two new broadband services to its New York City

America Online's AOL High-Speed Broadband and EarthLink's High Speed Internet
will soon be available to Time Warner's 1.2 million New York customers.

AOL has now introduced its new high-speed service in more than a dozen
markets across the country as part of a phased rollout.

The AOL and EarthLink services are similarly priced.

AOL broadband subscribers pay $44.95 per month for unlimited use of their
broadband account and $2.95 per hour for dial-up use.

Members who want unlimited broadband connectivity pay the single price $54.95
per month. EarthLink users pay $41.95.

Time Warner Cable also has its own broadband service, Road Runner, which is
available in some parts of New York City.

 - Allison Romano