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Anstrom named Landmark CEO

Former NCTA President Decker Anstrom is moving up at Weather Channel parent Landmark Communications, replacing longtime president and CEO Dubby Wynne.

After Wynne retires at the end of the year, Anstrom will be in charge of Landmark's newspapers and broadcast stations while remaining president of TWC. A COO will be named at TWC.

Anstrom ackowleged that his eventual ascent at Landmark was envisioned when he took charge at TWC last year, but there had been no schedule. "It wasn't that cut and dry," Anstrom said. "It was a question of whether I could adapt to the business world," conceivably a far cry from running an industry lobbying group.

Anstrom will report to Landmark Chairman Frank Batten Jr., son of company founder Frank Batten. Anstrom relocate to Landmark's Norfolk, Va. headquarters. In addition to TWC, Landmark owns the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot newspaper and CBS affiliates in Nashville and Las Vegas. - John Higgins