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Ann Curry Live Show ‘Chasing the Cure’ Begins Aug. 8 on TNT, TBS

Chasing the Cure, a live series hosted by Ann Curry, debuts on TNT and TBS Aug. 8. The series focuses on patients who suffer from undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or uncured medical issues. There are ten weekly 90-minute episodes.

The show’s initial start date was July 25.

Journalist Kim Bondy is showrunner and executive producer. She has worked at CNN and Al Jazeera.

Chasing the Cure invites you to join a growing community of doctors and patients working together to help find answers to emotional, difficult and potentially unsolvable, medical challenges,” said the Turner networks. “We are tapping into the world of medical crowdsourcing, connecting doctors worldwide, online and on television, to help patients battling everything from life-threatening diseases to unusual ailments that are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or uncured. This offers unprecedented access and opportunity for doctors around the world to collaborate cross- discipline – as well as at-home viewers – in an effort to solve medical mysteries and provide the best solutions in real time.”

Turner and Lionsgate TV are partners on the series, and B-17 Entertainment and Motiv8Media are also producing. Curry is the anchor and “patient advocate, reporting true stories of medical enigmas and helping patients find the answers they so desperately seek. In addition to live medical crowdsourcing, the series will include a range of other segments, from live medical procedures, to field pieces where doctors report from the center of a mysterious outbreak or provide medical resources to an underserviced community in urgent need of help,” in the Turner networks’ words.

The series has a 24/7 digital community for patients.

Curry spent 25 years at NBC News, and was an anchor on Today. “When we hear compelling stories about people in need, we often want to help...we want to be someone’s hero,” she said. “Chasing the Cure aims to unleash this good in us, at a time when people yearn for it, by making groundbreaking connections, democratizing data, and giving everyday people a chance to be heard. Connections help us. They can even save a life.”