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Andy Ansin Steps into CEO Role at Sunbeam

Andy Ansin (Image credit: Sunbeam TV)

Sunbeam Television Corporation announced a change in leadership following the death of Ed Ansin, who was owner and president. Ansin’s eldest son Andy assumes the role of CEO. Ansin’s son James and Sunbeam veteran Paul Magnes were named co-presidents. Ownership remains in the Ansin family.

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Andy Ansin interned at WSVN in high school. After college, he “was instrumental in the development of Miramar Park of Commerce,” said Sunbeam.

James Ansin

James Ansin (Image credit: Sunbeam TV)

“James and Paul will lead the experienced management team that Dad trusted to run Sunbeam’s television stations,” said Andy Ansin. “7 NEWS will continue to provide the best news coverage in both South Florida and Boston and continue to maintain its standard for journalistic excellence.”

James has been VP and station manager at WSVN since 2004. He joined the station in 1993. “I am humbled, prepared and committed to carry my father’s legacy into the future,” said James Ansin. “My dad was always very open and clear that he wanted Sunbeam Television to continue as an ongoing corporation for future generations. We are lucky that he left us the tools to ensure that his plan will become a reality.”

Paul Magnes

Paul Magnes (Image credit: Sunbeam TV)

Magnes has been executive VP and general manager of WSVN since 2018.  He has been with the company for 14 years. “I’m committed to furthering Ed Ansin’s vision for his television stations and honored to be doing so with his sons,” said Magnes. 

Sunbeam Television Corporation owns WSVN Miami and WHDH-WLVI Boston.