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American Juniors won’t be on this fall

Fox won’t be bringing back American Juniors this fall as planned.

The show’s producers, 19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia, told Fox they were
simply too swamped to do another round of the show this fall, confirmed a
spokesman for 19 Entertainment.

Besides working on American Idol 3, Judge Simon Cowell is busy with
Pop Idol 2 in the U.K, and flying back and forth between New York and
London as the auditions for American Idol 3 begin.

Fremantle and 19 Entertainment also are working on other Idol-related
specials, including one tentatively titled World Idol, in which the
winners of Idol contests all over the world would compete against each
other in a worldwide two-hour special.

Countries likely would be forbidden from voting for their own winner, as that
would give big countries like the U.S. too much of an advantage over small
countries, like France.

Details of the show have not been worked out yet, and although the show has
been offered to Fox, the network hasn’t made a decision about airing it.

While American Juniors wasn't anything near the ratings success of
its older sibling, American Idol, Fox says the show has performed well
enough in younger demos.