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American Idol Tops Broadcast-Network-TV Web-Site Ratings, Too

As American Idol whittled down its play list of potential winners, its Web site continued to add eyeballs.

For the week ended Feb. 23, Idol had 24.31% of traffic to all broadcast-network TV-show Web sites, according to Hitwise's sample of 10 million Web surfers, more than double second-place Deal or No Deal at 9.18%.

But by last week (ending March 3), that share swelled to 32.35%, more than triple Deal's 9.91% and more than all of the other top 10 sites put together.

For the week ending March 3, the top 10 were Idol, Deal, America's Most Wanted (4.62%), Survivor (3.58%), Lost (3.21%), Dancing with the Stars (2.13%), One Tree Hill (1.78%), Jericho (1.75%), America's Next Top Model (2.12%) and The Biggest Loser (1.45%).