'American Experience: Flood in the Desert' Premieres on PBS May 3

Ruins following the collapse of the St. Francis Dam.
(Image credit: Courtesy of Ryan Quinn)

PBS announced American Experience: Flood in the Desert will premiere Tuesday, May 3 at 9 p.m. on PBS, PBS.com and the PBS Video App.

Flood in the Desert is about the collapse of the St. Francis Dam on March 12, 1928. The collapse sent 12 billion gallons of water into areas north of Los Angeles, killing approximately 400 people and injuring and displacing thousands more. The dam was built by Irish immigrant William Mulholland as a way to bring water to L.A., ending several years of drought. It was also meant to bring clean energy and electricity. 

“The modern West was in many ways conceived in the first decades of the 20th century," said director Rob Rapley. "It is the result of a national project to divert the waterways, reshape the environment, and build great cities. Today that West is facing a crisis of fire and thirst. As we seek a path forward, it is useful to remember how we got here.”

“The story of the St. Francis Dam collapse is a tragic reminder of the price we pay when we continually attempt to bend nature to our will. This film – sadly – couldn’t be more timely,” said American Experience executive producer, Cameo George. ■

Chelsea Anderson
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